Technical Assistance (TA)

Sometimes a program needs targeted and customized supports which are not part of Program Focus Coaching. If a program should need these supports EPS Region 6 may provide them through Consultation/Technical Assistance. This support is provided by a professional with specific expertise and knowledge in the area(s) needing assistance. This TA consultant assistance is time limited and may include supports such as:  developing or updating Continuous Quality Improvement Plans (CQIPs), Program Professional Development Plans (PPDPs), or Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs); QRIS specific assistance; may be the result of licensing mitigation; or a referral from licensing or a Program Quality Specialist.

If you would like to apply for Technical Assistance, please complete this form.

For more information about Technical Assistance we can provide, contact Vanessa Reiss-Vaughn, or 617-348-66227.