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Program Coaching

Using a Program Focus model, program coaching is designed to help programs identify individual program strengths and needs. Program coaches will support program staff in developing or updating a program Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan, identifying specific goals for the program to achieve in a specific period of time. Program coaching facilitates planning for advancement in QRIS, NAEYC accreditation, and developing robust staff training and professional development plans to meet quality benchmarks. Program coaches can also assist programs in addressing specific challenges such as enhancing family engagement or improving environmental factors in the program. Coaching services are offered to programs who want to build the competencies of their workforce, the leadership skills of program administrators, and the overall quality of their program. Coaching services are also available to work with Family Child Care systems to establish and facilitate Family Child Care support groups.

Classroom Coaching

Classroom Coaching is provided to support the professional development of staff to work and build excellence in their daily practice. An experienced professional will support teaching staff in reaching their goals and share their challenges. Often classroom coaching includes classroom observations using tools such as Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) and the appropriate Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) to design specific feedback and input for classroom teachers to improve teaching practices.

QRIS Application support

Massachusetts uses a Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) to determine the level of program quality. QRIS application support is provided to programs requesting this service in a one-time consultation meeting to review the QRIS application and available information and resources for programs throughout the QRIS process. This meeting is not designed to complete documents, but rather to demystify QRIS and equip program administration and staff with information and resources for understanding QRIS and activities entailed in advancing in QRIS.

QRIS support for upward movement

The Educator Provider Support team provides assistance to programs striving to advance in the Massachusetts Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS). Coaching and technical assistance is offered both by phone and in-person to programs as they strive to advance to each higher level.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan development

The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan is an essential document for programs to develop to specify their program goals and plans for program quality enhancement for children, families, and staff. The Educator Provider Support (EPS) team will provide assistance to programs to develop a CQI plan. Assistance can be in the form of a one-time meeting with a coach or in a phone consultation.

Staff Training and Professional Development Support

The EPS program will work with programs to identify training and professional development opportunities that meet the specific needs of program staff. Support can include a group mentoring session for staff members to complete or update Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) which serve as a guide to an overall program professional development plan. Additional support can include identifying and facilitating training programs that meet particular training needs. EPS staff can assist in organizing Professional Development days and special professional development programs. An EPS service request and a conversation with an EPS staff member are the first steps to meeting your program’s professional development needs!

CEU courses

A wide range of CEU courses can be found in the EPS training calendar and are available for a nominal fee. CEU courses are planned and scheduled based on needs identified throughout the region. In keeping with a Program-Focus model, CEU courses can also be added based on program-specific needs. When courses are added, these will be open to multiple centers. A minimum of 15 participants is required to offer a CEU course. On-line registration for all EPS-supported CEU courses is available on the Region 6 EPS Calendar

College Courses

A variety of College courses are offered through the EPS training calendar with a significantly reduced registration and tuition cost. Enrollment instructions are available directly on the EPS website. Support in degree attainment is also offered in the form of advising individual educators on contacts and early childhood education programs at the college level. EPS staff can refer educators to college advisors who can assist with planning for degree attainment. On-line registration for all EPS-supported college courses is available at the training calendar on the Region 6 EPS Calendar

NAEYC Accreditation Support

EPS facilitates coaching support to programs seeking NAEYC Accreditation. Support is in the form of in-person or phone conversations to advise on documentation and activities required to achieve Accreditation. Programs are responsible for completing documentation and follow up activities required to meet Accreditation standards.

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