Program Focus Coaching

Program Focused Coaching is a service provided by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education through regional Educator Provider Support (EPS) grants.

What are Program Focus Support Services? Program Focus Support Services are designed to promote continuous program quality improvement by providing targeted, individualized coaching for both educators and administrators within your program. The goal is to support a program in moving towards higher quality by building staff competency, leadership capacity, and strengthening organizational structure.

How Does it Work?
 Programs apply for this opportunity by completing an online application. Selected programs will work with a coach, collect data, develop goals, and create training plans which will advance educator knowledge and skills in supporting positive outcomes for children. Coaches will analyze the program’s practices, work with leaders and educators to support teachers’ skill and competency development, and provide tools and resources to support quality. They will connect programs and educators with professional development opportunities including education, training, technical assistance, and PLC communities.

Who is Eligible? All programs and educators in the Region 6 mixed delivery system are eligible for Program Focus Support Services including Center Based, FCC (Systems and Independents), Public Schools, ASOST, and license-exempt Programs. Region 6 EPS has the funding to provide these services to approximately 50 programs between July 2018 and June 2019. Region 6 is looking for programs that demonstrate a readiness for change and the capacity to participate in an intensive coaching process. Priority will be given to programs where 50% or more of children receive financial assistance. Your program MUST be located in Region 6 to participate.

What is the Cost? Program-Focus support coaching services are provided at no cost to programs in Region 6 through EEC’s Educator and Provider Support Grant. Some of the related professional development opportunities, such as CEU trainings and college courses, are available through EPS for a minimal fee per participant (such as $50 for a college course or $25 for a CEU).

Coaching requires an intentional commitment of time, energy, and dedication in order for it to be effective. Programs who apply for coaching through EPS Program Focus will be expected to commit time and resources to working with a Coach towards specific goals.

To apply for Program Focus Services, please complete and submit the information below: