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Program Coaching

Program Focus Support Services are designed to promote continuous program quality improvement by providing targeted, individualized coaching for both educators and administrators within your program. The goal is to support a program in moving towards higher quality by building staff competency, leadership capacity, and strengthening organizational structure. Programs are matched with an individual coach who will work with the program to develop a goal and action plan, and support the program through that action plan. Programs can learn more and apply for Program Focus Coaching here.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is time limited support and may include:  developing or updating Continuous Quality Improvement Plans (CQIPs), Program Professional Development Plans (PPDPs), or Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs); QRIS specific assistance; may be the result of licensing mitigation; or a referral from licensing or a Program Quality Specialist.

Learn more about Technical Assistance from EPS Region 6 here.

Staff Training and Professional Development Support

The EPS program will work with programs to identify training and professional development opportunities that meet the specific needs of program staff. Support can include a group mentoring session for staff members to complete or update Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) which serve as a guide to an overall program professional development plan. Additional support can include identifying and facilitating training programs that meet particular training needs. EPS staff can assist in organizing Professional Development days and special professional development programs. An EPS service request and a conversation with an EPS staff member are the first steps to meeting your program’s professional development needs!

CEU courses

A wide range of CEU courses can be found in the EPS training calendar and are available for a nominal fee. CEU courses are planned and scheduled based on needs identified throughout the region. In keeping with a Program-Focus model, CEU courses can also be added based on program-specific needs. When courses are added, these will be open to multiple centers. A minimum of 15 participants is required to offer a CEU course. On-line registration for all EPS-supported CEU courses is available on the Region 6 EPS Calendar

College Courses

A variety of College courses are offered through the EPS training calendar with a significantly reduced registration and tuition cost. Enrollment instructions are available directly on the EPS website. Support in degree attainment is also offered in the form of advising individual educators on contacts and early childhood education programs at the college level. EPS staff can refer educators to college advisors who can assist with planning for degree attainment. On-line registration for all EPS-supported college courses is available at the training calendar on the Region 6 EPS Calendar


A variety of college courses that can be used for EEC Certification education requirements or a degree in Early Childhood Education are offered through the EPS training calendar with a significantly reduced registration and tuition cost. The EPS team will work with educators to identify which courses can meet their professional development goals connected to content knowledge, EEC Certifications, and Early Childhood Education degrees.

Learn more about advising provided by EPS, contact information, and forms on our advising page.