STEM Professional Development Day

October 27, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm America/New York Timezone
EPS Region 6 / ABCD Central Office
178 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02111

Hands-On STEM: Connecting Curriculum Frameworks to Interactive Lessons for OST, 0.5 CEU
Instructor: Laurie Carpenter, Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership
Course DescriptionHands-On STEM: Connecting Curriculum Frameworks to Interactive Lessons for OST (Face to Face): This training will focus on linking the 2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards to OST programming. Providers will gain a greater understanding of the Frameworks by participating in fun, engaging, hands-on ST/E lessons that can be implemented at their sites.  The training will also provide curriculum-planning tools to promote the learning and teaching of elementary science, engineering and technology.
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STEM and Nature, 5 ECE training hours
Instructor: Claire Harris
Course Description: Did you know STEM and the natural world are more intertwined than we realize? In this workshop participants will help demystify STEM and its relationship with the nature, through a variety of hands on activities and exploration. Participants should be prepared to spend some time outside in the Boston Common (weather permitting) to practice engaging with nature as an educator in a preschool program.
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Habilidades Básicas de Computación para Profesionales de la Educación y Cuidado Infantil – en español (Basic Computer Skills for Early Education and Care Professionals in Spanish),  0.5 CEU
Instructor: Rosemary Hernandez, IEPD
Course Description:  Con el fin de obtener recursos, comunicarse eficazmente y participar en las iniciativas de subsidio de EEC, los educadores deben tener conocimientos básicos de computación. Este curso ofrecerá la instrucción necesaria para el uso del correo electrónico, buscar en el Internet, utilizar sitios en la red (web) en nuestro campo y encontrar sitios clave en la página de EEC de la Internet. Se compartirán herramientas útiles de procesamiento de textos, así como también formas creativas de como usar su computadora para mejorar la calidad de su programa. (In order to access resources, communicate effectively and participate in EEC grant initiatives, educators must have basic computer skills. This course will offer the skills needed to use email, search the Internet, utilize websites in our field, and access key EEC Internet interfaces. Helpful word processing tools will be shared as well as creative ways to use your computer to enhance your program quality.)
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Exploring STEM in the Classroom for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Making and Tinkering with Loose Parts and STEM Is All Around Us – Incorporating STEM into the Toddler Curriculum, 5 ECE training hours
Instructors: Dotti McDevitt & Nancy Toso
Making and Tinkering with Loose Parts
This workshop will address making and tinkering starting with why it fits into a STEM curriculum. The workshop will also address the importance of open ended questions when doing making and tinkering. Participants will explore materials and tools and will use a children’s book to try to solve a problem from one of the many books available.
STEM Is All Around Us – Incorporating STEM into the Toddler Curriculum
Toddlers are natural scientists – exploring, experimenting and discovering the world around them. In this hands-on workshop we will examine how to incorporate STEM concepts and experiences into your everyday routines and activities.
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Baby Steps To STEM Infant and Toddler Activities,  0.5 CEU
Instructor: Katey Grossman
Course Description: Early Childhood professionals also know that children are ready to learn beginning at birth. So, we ask ourselves, “If infants and toddlers and twos are ready to learn experiential STEM.  How do we as educators begin   to teach STEM, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills to infants and toddlers and twos?” We know babies are active learners and they learn and explore in different ways than older children.  By teaching STEM skills and activities in a developmentally appropriate way we provide them with interesting age-appropriate materials to explore. Early childhood teachers will develop and implement hands on STEM activities and build a curriculum to bring back to their classroom.  Each new experience provides infants and toddlers and twos with opportunities to develop and learn STEM Skills needed as we become more technologically based, STEM skills are needed for the infants, toddlers.
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Beyond the Science Center, 5 ECE training hours
Instructor: Danielle Pazos
Course Description: Science is at the root of everything we do.  In this workshop we will explore a variety of ways to observe and engage children in scientific investigation and inquiry throughout classroom activity centers.  Participants will have the opportunity to link the presented materials and project ideas to their own program’s expectations, including assessments, standards, individualizations, and curriculum.
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