The EPS team will work with educators to:

  • Answer questions about EEC Certifications (Teacher, Lead Teacher, Director I, and Director II)
  • Direct educators to resources about certification requirements and course crosswalk
  • Connect individual educators with appropriate early childhood education programs at the college level and college advisors who can assist with planning for degree attainment
  • Support educators in development of their Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)
  • Provide assistance in the Early Childhood Educator Scholarship application when it opens in Spring 2019

EEC Certifications

Download EEC’s Professional Qualification Certification Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions here for information about requirements and categories of study. If you have any questions about a course you’ve taken and which category it falls under, you can download EEC’s Professional Qualifications Course Catalog here. This catalog identifies the category of study for early childhood education courses from Massachusetts institutes of higher education.

Educators can contact EPS to clarify which courses are needed to meet certification goals and the certification process.

Connecting educators with early childhood education programs at the college level

Please visit our Higher Education Resources page for more information about our partners.

The EPS Team can connect you with college advisors to help educators find the best degree program for them.

Individual Professional Development Plans

The EPS Team can support you in developing an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP). An IPDP will help outline the appropriate pathway to and steps necessary to achieve an educator’s professional goal.

You can fill out and download your own IPDP here or contact the EPS Team to set up a meeting to develop an IPDP with the help of a coach. The plan will be specific to your needs and help you meet your professional and educational goals.

In order to participate in an EPS funded college course, applicants must have an IPDP on file with EPS Region 6.

Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Scholarship

Read more about the ECE scholarship here. When the scholarship becomes available in the Spring of 2019, EPS will provide support as need to educators when they apply.As a reminder, to qualify for the ECE Scholarship, you must already be matriculated and enrolled in a degree program related to Early Childhood Education.

Discounted College Courses through EPS

A variety of college courses that can be used for EEC Certification education requirements or a degree in Early Childhood Education are offered through the EPS training calendar with a significantly reduced registration and tuition cost. These courses often fill quickly, but we encourage educators to apply. All applications for college courses through EPS Region 6 must include a completed IPDP on file with EPS.

Visit our professional development calendar to see any upcoming college courses offered by EPS.

Questions or support with advising?

Contact Allison Wootan, or 617-348-6334, for more information.